About us

The Problem

With growing uncertainty and an ever-changing landscape, it’s clear that the world needs more innovation and entrepreneurs. So how can we nurture that next generation of doers and dreamers?

The current education system does not provide a structured opportunity for young children to build these life skills early in life. Most systemic education tends to create specialists in specific fields. While it is important to excel technically, it is equally important for children to build broad skillsets and mindsets so that they can survive and thrive in changing circumstances.

Our Solution

We intend to provide entrepreneurial education for children aged 6-12yrs in a method that combines entertainment and application to enable them with the necessary skills. It will help inculcate the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in younger generations which will assist in them being more self-reliant in later stages of life and in times of crisis.

Entrepreneurial skills are not only required by business owners but are also an invaluable life skill. The skillset and mindset that they develop through the program will help them excel in the uncertain world and changing the work environment, both incase of starting their own business or working for any other business.

Our Approach

We understand that children are naturally entrepreneurial as they are curious, adventurous and eager to learn new skills. This is why we have taken an “Edu-tainment” approach, which means our course entertains and educates at the same time.

A team of educators, business coaches, entrepreneurs, creatives and children themselves were involved in the curation of these stories and curriculum. Animated stories, e-learning technology and creative concepts makes Teiyu a unique solution for nurturing entrepreneurial talent in young children.

SPECIAL ACKNOWLEDGEMENT : We are highly grateful to Dr. Marshall Goldsmith ( World’s No.1 Executive Coach) and his Knowledge Philanthropy project. His teachings have inspired and have been incorporated in the the course content . His generosity , humility and  learning from his book Triggers have been translated into stories and lessons that children can engage with and learn from. 

What our students say

Our children 7yr and 10yrs love Teiyu and is inspired by it. They are already thinking of starting to set up their own little business! It’s a great way to introduce them to business concepts in a fun way.

Gaurav, USA

I wish I had something like this when I was growing up.

Steve, UK

While going through the stories with my son, I was also curious to know what happens next in the business journey of kids.

Manju, UK

This is a very nice and fun way of introducing the concepts of entrepreneurship to children.

Rachael, UK