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A unique storytelling approach that helps to build an entrepreneurial skillset and mindset in children.

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What is Teiyu?

We believe kids are naturally entrepreneurial as they’re curious, tech savvy, adventurous and have a huge appetite for learning. Research shows that storytelling is the one of the most effective methods of teaching and that children have an innate love for stories. This is why we aim to nurture their natural talent with carefully curated narratives that make learning fun and interesting.

In these stories a lizard called Teiyu encourages a group of kids to follow their dreams and solve problems in a wonderland called Teguria. Successful entrepreneurs have role models in their life and Teiyu aims to be that positive influence. After all, the name Teiyu stands for “The Entrepreneur In YoU”!

How It Works

Step 1: Learn and Have Fun

Start the course and watch each of the videos. The stories are embedded with life lessons and business concepts so that children can have fun while learning.

Step 2: Take a Quiz

Each story lesson is followed by a quiz to assess the understanding of the concepts. There is no pass or fail criteria. Every score is a good score and can be improved by simply taking it again!

Step 3: Be Rewarded

Parents receive a certificate once their child has completed the quiz which highlights what they have learned. We advise you to print the certificate and award it to them to encourage their progress.

Step 4: Join the community!

Teiyu likes to encourage kids and celebrate with them with surprise gifts! You will have lifetime access to the course and will be part of the growing Teiyu community!

The benefits

With Teiyu as their guide, children will learn while enjoying the stories. In the process they will develop the following key characteristics of an entrepreneur. These are critical life skills that will help them excel in the business world, both as an employee and as an employer.


These lessons will help to inspire leadership in younger generations. They will assist them in becoming self-reliant in later stages of their life, instill confidence and problem-solve.


Through various lessons children will learn to be creative and also learn its relevance in entrepreneurship.


Excellence involves taking a competency or skill and improving on it. By going through the program kids will understand the importance of going above and beyond what is expected.

What will children develop?

Children will learn the concept of business and entrepreneurship as well as learn how to create a product or service that solves a problem. They will also learn about taking risks, giving back to society, money concepts and selling. We want to introduce children to these important life skills through the use of fun narratives which are both entertaining and educational.


A group of children called Emma, Alex, Maya and Sam are playing a game of dodgeball in a playground when their game is interrupted by a cheeky lizard called TEIYU who promises to teach them about being an entrepreneur.

Business in Teguria

Teiyu introduces the kids to a wonderland called Teguria where businesses are run by children. There is a plastic-free grocery store, a gym for kids and a bike store. All of these children are doing what they love.

A Lizard, a Bank Account and Bird Songs

Teiyu decides to teach Emma, Alex, Maya and Sam about the importance of believing in yourself. He also takes the kids on an exciting trip to the bank to teach them the importance of money.


We offer two different packages. The Happy Pack provides you with everything you need for the basic entrepreneurial program.

The Starter Kit includes a selection of goodies to support and encourage the young entrepreneurs learning journey.

Happy Pack – Online Course

Lifetime access to Entrepreneurial Basic Program

  • Consists of 20 lessons, quizzes and reports
  • Online certificate for the child

£64.00£30 (incl. VAT)

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Starter Kit

An add on the Happy Pack that includes a selection of goodies to support their learning. (COMING SOON!)


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Teiyu is happy to hear this and more

Our children 7yr and 10yrs love Teiyu and is inspired by it. They are already thinking of starting to set up their own little business! It’s a great way to introduce them to business concepts in a fun way.

Gaurav, USA

While going through the stories with my son, I was also curious to know what happens next in the business journey of kids.

Manju, UK

This is a very nice and fun way of introducing the concepts of entrepreneurship to children.

Rachael, UK

I wish I had something like this when I was growing up.

Steve, UK